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Costumers and Testimonials

I visited Ecuador in January of 2017 and traveled around with Roberto. A mutual friend had visited him there and said I had to go check it out. Put simply, Ecuador is a great destination as it has fun, consistent waves but is uncrowded outside of the main surf towns. The country, moreover, has great yet inexpensive food. The places we stayed at as we cruised around, which were owned and run by Roberto's friends, were excellent. Roberto, finally, is a complete legend. He spends more time in the water than anyone I have ever met, and is a great coach. I feel privileged to have gotten to know him and his family. I can't wait to go back.
Ryan J. Hanley, Esq.
4511 Santa Monica Avenue
San Diego, CA 92107
(858) 401-2721

I had a fantastic time surfing with Roberto for a week in Ecuador. His English is excellent and he was very accommodating in helping me improve my very poor Spanish. Roberto excels at matching the size and quality of waves with the surfer's ability and we managed to surf a variety of different breaks during my week. This enabled us to get away from the crowded main beach and explore many uncrowded, excellent spots. Additionally, as a first time visitor to Ecuador, this provided me opportunity to see many beaches and parts of a beautiful country that I would not have seen on my own. Roberto was also very good at offering me pointers to help me improve with my surfing. I look forward to the chance to go back to Ecuador and surf with Roberto again.
Jim Moorman, NYC, March 2012

"I have surfed all through Central America and the waves I scored in Ecuador with Roberto blew away my expectations. There were right point breaks on par with those in Oaxaca, secret right slabs, hollow beach breaks, and plenty more. Since there is no major city near the coast, the beaches are uncrowded. It takes Roberto's local expertise to be in the right place at the right time. Staying at his house was perfect, it was safe, clean, and there were epic waves within short driving distance (and a good beach break out front). There is also one of the most fun traveler towns in the world Montanita with an insane night life ten minutes in a cab down the coast. In Ecuador the beer was cheap, and there arent the abusive police and violence like in Mexico, just good vibes. The airport transfer was also super smooth. If you are a beginner looking for a relaxing time with a real local as a guide, or an advanced surfer on the hunt for world class waves, Robertos camp is where its at. He has a passion for the sport, understands what his clients want, and cares for them like his own family. He also rips suuuuper hard..."
Sam Thomas, Sydney - Australia Guest - March, 2012

“From the moment we arrived in Ecuador and met up with Roberto and Sophie we were welcomed and treated like a part of their family. They truly went out of their way to ensure we were comfortable and enjoying ourselves. The accommodation house was spectacular. The rooms were big and clean, beds were comfy and location was second to none. We were served traditional healthy home cooked meals (with optional 'Dam thats HOT' sauce) and fresh fruit juice, whilst sitting around the kitchen table enjoying the ocean view and Roberto's "Best wave ever" stories. When it came to surfing... Roberto is "The Man!" He knows all the best locations and does whatever it takes to get you there, even if it means hauling himself out of bed at 3am for a 3.5 hour road trip to a secret break. Valet parking is available on the sand meters from the water. Only then, after being presented with miles and miles of A frame peaks and hollow overhead barrels as far as the eye can see, do you realize and appreciate the passion Roberto has for surfing and the effort he goes to share that with you. This is the real deal! Not just some surfer claiming to be a guide because he doesn't want to work. Roberto is very professional not to mention extremely grateful to be given the opportunity to fulfill his life dream, and it shows! This in itself is one, of many, priceless components that make Surf Ecuador's service so unique. No matter if you are a beginner or a pro, you are in good hands, this guy seems to know everything there is to know about every break in Ecuador. Upsetting the local surfers is not an issue, they know and respect Roberto just as much as he respects them. If you show up with him you will have no problems. The whole experience totally surpassed all expectations I had. Definitely, the best surfing adventure I have had, I’d reccommend it to anyone. I will deffinately be back for a longer stay next time. Even though my skill level is not the greatest I had an absolute ball. It has, and will continue to be an unforgettable trip.”
Andrew Doria, Australia. February, 2012.

"I have never surfed beach breaks like what Rob took me too.. heavy, perfect, reeling down the beach like a point break.. Totally mind blowing! My body was pumping every day of the week I stayed there waiting for that early morning first look at the secret beachies. Also a local secret reef break that was a 'loss count of barrels' experience.
On top of all the waves, a beautiful place to stay on the beach with the best and freshest traditional food, home cooked each day and night. Cant wait to get back there!"
Laban Giraldi, Coffs Harbour, Australia. 4/7/2011

"Roberto Baquerizo is the best tour guide I've experienced in 20 years of surf travel.  He knows surf spots and conditions in Ecuador like the back of his hand.  He delivered uncrowded sessions with quality waves at a variety of spots.  He's friendly, attentive, has a great sense of humor and is always ready for the next session.  The food and accommodations are also good."
Mark Vorwaller, Florida.  May, 2011.

“I surfed with Roberto for a week Easter 2011; it was great. We had good surf every day. Roberto proved to be a very knowledgeable guide finding us quality waves (uncrowded) everyday. He also speaks perfect English which is very helpful for those of us with limited spanish.  Accommodation, food and the nightlife in Ecuador were all top notch, can't wait to return.” 
Sam Clarke
Bullet Surf Australia
March, 2011

We have now surfed from So Cal all the way down to Peru and everywhere in between over the past 6 years. I have to say that the trip to Ecuador was one of the best trips ever. The surf was unreal, point breaks, beach breaks, no crowds and warm water! There were so many point breaks to chose from every place was well over head. If any of us had a set of balls there was a beach break that they called the open mouth, backdoor or something like that. It breaks like the pipe except right on the beach. Too fast for us to make the drops.
The places where there were some locals they welcomed us with open arms. So if you are like my friends and me and are looking for a killer surf trip this is a place that should get your attention. We used Billabong surf  camps (mailto:roberto@surfinecuador.com) for  this trip. This guy did an amazing job of taking care of all our needs. Just thought you guys would want to know about a place where there is almost no information about it on the web.
James  Harvey, Newport Beach, Jan 16th 2010
Broker DRE 01245563
American Realty Services
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Huntington Beach, CA 92646
714-612-9535  Cell
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"I've been using surf camps and surf guides 2 or 3 times a year for the past 3 years. Surf in Ecuador was undoubtedly the nicest experience I've had. Roberto and Sophie were the most generous, attentive and pleasant hosts I've had. Roberto was genuinely determined for me to get as many good waves as possible. His dedication to this goal was apparent out of the water (always moving us around to spots that were right for me) and in the water (helping position me to catch the most waves). The food they prepared each day was excellent. Most importantly, Roberto and Sophie were just really enjoyable to be around. I've experienced a lot of typical surfer laziness, apathy and self-centeredness in the surf camp / surf guide business, but Roberto and Sophie were all about making my trip amazing. And it was. Oh yeah...I got awesome waves too."   Brad, Los Angeles, CA 
Brad Sorensen
7S Media (Rights Management for the Digital Era) - 2010
310-295-2000 (phone)
310-295-2050 (fax)

Our trip with Roberto and Billabong Camps Network exceeded our expectations. Ecuador has a wide variety of reefs and beach breaks up and down the coast, and Roberto vast knowledge of those spots is truly impressive.
His effort and endless energy to find the best waves all day allowed us to experience good to excellent waves until our arms were too tired to paddle. Along with the accomodations and food, you couldn't ask for a better surf trip.

Darren Kummerfeldt, Newport Beach, Jan 16th 2010

It is tough to give a proper review of such an amazing trip. Ecuador had everything we could ask for on a surf trip; warm water, a vast selection perfect right and left waves (beach break or reef), a local vibe that had us feeling like family, tranquil scenery that is bursting with wildlife, good fresh food, a vibrant nightlife and plenty of cold beer. Our guide made it all possible, and we both agreed that trying to go it alone would have resulted in disaster.   
We weren’t tethered to one spot or area. We covered roughly 400 miles of coastline on our search for perfection (although we probably only needed about 20 miles due to the plethora of spots), in 15 days of surfing we never paddled out to less than head high   
surf. We felt safe at all times, and were not even remotely taken ill (mozzy’s don’t count). The hollow waves and lack of crowds were more than enough to have us longing for return visit, however Ecuador has so much more to offer than just surf that we feel as though we only caught a glimpse of the gem that is Ecuador. Time of our lives.
Weston McBee and Jason Macdonald, FOX Surf Team--- 1/15/ 2010

Thank you for such a great trip. The people were
great! You were very patient and professional with us and we
appreciate everything you did.
Michael Koller. 15 April, 2009

Thanks for a great trip. We had a great time and you took really good care
of us.  We will be back -  Take care.
Scott Tepper. 7 Abr 2009

Hey Roberto! Just wanted to say thanks again for everything! We had an amazing time on the coast - we  managed to really get a feel for the coast and enjoy our time there.  From  the South Coast to the Central coast, we really felt like we got to explore so much and feel comfortable being there with you leading the way. You should brag more about the places your customers would stay in the fact that you can provide an oceanfront hostel next to the main break, and an INCREDIBLE hotel in central coast. I really hope to make it back to Ecuador soon, maybe to the coast with my family. 
Joe Burnnet.  28 Oct 2009

Roberto, What a great trip! So enjoyed traveling the beautiful coast of  Ecuador
looking for good surf breaks.  We were impressed with your attention in
making sure we were comfortable, safe and satisfied. It was a real pleasure to
meet Sofie and some of your friends. The time we had with you was very lovely and a wonderful experience.  You both are great people and I think that we are blessed that you were our guide and now our friends.
Best of joy to you.
Paul and Dena Gouvea. Nov 10th, 2009

Hello Roberto. Como estas hombre?
I've been with you and your surfguide one year ago, and we are planing to come back at the begining of June. Our experience with your surfguide was fantastic. We will have 9 days and your experience and sugestions would be important for us. I'm glad to talk with you again.
Marcelo Bahiense. 30 Dec 2009

'I have known Roberto for many years now, and his kindness and honesty were virtues that I recognize immediately. Personally, I know he is an excellent person with a profound knowledge of Ecuador, its people, its waves and the perfect conditions to surf them. Personally, I can´t imagine a better person to guide foreing surfers through Ecuador´s many waves.'
Kalle Carranza - 2008
Pro Surfer: Mexican National Champ. SURFER cover. SURFER’s JOURNAL cover http://www.kallecarranza.com/

“Hey Sergio and Roberto,
Thanks for everything.  The trip was fantastic and your services were terrific.  I can't thank you enough Sergio for all your help and guidance on my trip.  We'll I pass your services around to all my buddies on the east coast if they ever decide to come to Ecuador.  I hope to talk to both of you soon.  And Sergio, like i said if u ever make it over here to the states, give me a call and we'll meet up for surfing or a night out on the town, on me.  Take care and talk to you soon. 
 -Marco Vassallo 24 Feb 2007

Roberto, thanks for hooking junior and i up with sergio… his knowledge let us surf when if we went solo, we wouldn't have surfed as good as waves as we did.  plus he is a good guy.  definately planning to return if all goes well this year.    thanks,   
Dave Digirolamo 01 Mar 2007

Joshua Soros' Latin America Expedition 2007

Travel Blog
Arrived in Ecuador today - it`s beautiful here.  everything made it but the boards which is ridiculous since we paid 100 bucks extra for the board bag. the weather here is great and sergio (our guide is cool plus he knows all the good spots). he speaks great english too which is nice.  the place we`re staying in tonight is top knotch - actually sergios parents place or something.  i definitely wasn`t expecting a.c. and a fat t.v. and nice pòrtch etc. -- ill take some pics.it`s our first day and we already went surfing.  not much swell but its sweet being in the water here anyway.  the temp is probably high 70`s if not mid 80`s!  perfect temp - warm but still refreshing.we tried this food today that was really good called pan de yuca (basically bread with yuca baked inside which tastes like cheese).the chicas here are hot - glad andrew has a girlfriend so he can be my wingman!  that's all for now.
Joshua, March 03, 2007

Dear Roberto,
I was planning to email you because we wanted to tell you what a great time
we had with your tour.  Sergio was great!
Cris and Pattie, March 20th 2007


Good to hear from you; I sent you an email a few days after I got back home, but you must have not gotten it or something...  At any rate, I wanted to let you know that I had an incredible time and that I still wish I had gone
for a month!  Sergio was on point the whole time and made sure we were always on track to scoring surf.  You guys run a top-notch operation and I would encourage anyone to go to Ecuador and Northern Peru through you guys. Might I also add that the women in that part of the world are absolutely stunning.  Seriously, even the women I saw at the airport were gorgeous!  If any future clients ask you for a previous customer's contact info, please pass them my email address so I can vouch for you guys - it's the least I can do.

Thanks so much,
Jason Economos
March 29th, 2007

Everything was great. Sergio is a great guy, friend. And also very professional. I will talk to you soon. Also I talked with Sergio about many things that for you would make sense.
I will call you later this week, I am kind of overwhelmed with work .
Thanks again
Alex Sandu
Wed, 9 May 2007

Hello Roberto,
Thank you for arranging all of this.  Yes, my boyfriend had a GREAT time on the trip. You were definitely right about the sun block.  We were very careful (due to your advice) but still got badly burnt on the first day!
But overall the trip was great. Sergio was very cool and helpful.
Min Hur
Wed, 9 May 2007

The trip was great.  My brother and I have been talking about a trip to Northern Peru and will keep you and Sergio in mind.  Sergio was great, and very knowledgeable regarding surf spots.  What information can you provide regarding Northern Peru.  Is Guayaquil the closest place to fly into to access Northern Peru?  (YES)
Dan Lowinger
Vice President of Operations
ICS|Merrill, A Division of EMSI

Wed, 23 May 2007

Hello Roberto,
Just to let you know the trip was all that I expected and more.
Peter Grable
Fri, 1 Jun 2007

What the Transworld Surf Magazine had to say about Ecuador?
Crowd Factor: What crowd? Most surfers live and work in Guayaquil and have a two- to three-hour commute to the coast, so surfing by yourself is not uncommon. Expect more of a local crew at Montañita and spots in the surrounding area, but if you've researched well and have a bit of time to explore, you'll be surfing by yourself every session.
Why: It's relatively untapped. Ecuador is a lot warmer than Chile and Peru and a lot less crowded than Central America. It doesn't get slammed like Chile by the Southern Pacific swells, but it does have plenty of known spots that are consistently overhead and has even more spots that fire without anyone on 'em
What boards to bring?
Pack a shortboard and its stockier friend the fish, as well as maybe its taller buddy the pinny step-up. Trunks are all you'll need for surfing the whole country,
Jeremy Sherwin - 2007
Check some pictures at:

My experience with Roberto was nothing short of excellent, at every step he managed to exceed my expectations. Roberto combines his years of surfing experience, excellent teaching skills, a great sense of humor and laid back style, along with a local’s knowledge of all the great beaches and breaks to give one of the most complete surf vacations one could ask for. Already I am looking forward to my next excursion with Roberto!
Christian Denckla
March, 2006

”La izquierda” spot was the definite highlight for me in what was a great trip overall. It was the whole package: surprise, adventure, beauty, nature and great lefts. Thanks so much for that. “La izquierda” was what I dreamed about when thinking of a South American surf trip.

All the best parts of the trip for me were those experiences that mixed the above: our stop in la punta to find the waves working and then breaking down our just packed boards to hit the surf was incredible. Pulling up on “Estradas “and find it not working only to see “The right” working in the distance, and then getting it good to ourselves for several hours just before the wind hit it and others paddled out was pretty cool.  Getting to know the local people/culture while surfing good breaks was great, too, i.e., Juan David, the corviche (Ecuadorian food) place/people in Ayampe (I'm beating your record next time), the pie joint in Entrada, the cevicherias, our stop at Tsatikis, meeting Lobo and his family at his house
(great guy, people) , etc

Finally/importantly, Sergio did an excellent job for us, but he ensured that everyone had fun while watching out for our best interests. A great guide, a great person. Thanks for everything and take care.”
Ron Young
Marketing Manager, New Categories
Bayer HealthCare, Consumer Care Division

October, 2006

What's up?
I'm officially declaring 2006 to be a success…  I got in 105 days of surf this year with 25 double sessions and aparantly one Sunday in July a triple! Between that, the new/used Robert August and the World's Most Excellent Surf Trip (A special thanx to Sergio & El Lobo !:) '06 was indeed a very special year..but only because you ALL made it so!! So once again, here's to wishing you all the very best in 2007!! See You Out There!
October, 2006

Hi Roberto,
Sergio was the man! Both Sergio and Juan-David took such good care of us and the whole trip was a success. Thank you for everything =o)
Thank you,
Melissa M Zimmerman - 2006
Pfizer Global Pharmaceuticals
Convention Strategy

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