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Roberto, owner and surfguide, surfing in Galapagos.

SURFIN' ECUADOR places primary importance in safely guiding surfers to the right waves, at the right time , while avoiding the crowds. In order to accomplish this mission, we have on staff, the best surf guides in the region. Our guides are not just your average surfers , they are surfers that have won several national titles and are still competing internationally. Knowing where the best waves are is inherent in every surfer's daily life ; SURFIN' ECUADOR is committed to getting you to the best waves that fit your skill level.

The best season in Ecuador , is January to the end of May. During this time of year you can wear your surf shorts all day and all night long. There is plenty of surf in the northern and southern facing beaches. Most days you won't have wind until mid afternoon. Then a light south wind picks up, which makes all the north facing beaches break really good.

The cold season is from June to December. The water does get a bit colder, and sunny days are not as frequent. You definitely need to bring a sweater and some jeans. Also, north swells stop coming, which leaves the door open for all the big south swells to hit the Ecuadorian coast. Playas, “heaven” for regular footers starts breaking. Offshore and glassy conditions are not as frequent; but waves are definitely fun and long. Northern Peru “heaven” for goofy footers also breaks on south swells. This place is always glassy in the morning and offshore in the afternoon. The water gets chilly this time of year but the waves are very good. Northern Peru is approximately 6 hours from Guayaquil, Ecuador .

Guayaquil , Ecuador would be your arrival city. It is the largest city in Ecuador with a population of three million. Guayaquil is just a 4 hour flight from Miami ; and there are also direct flights from Madrid . Most mayor airlines offer daily flights.. This means, that if you get here during the day, you could be surfing a perfect right or left point break, in warm water, the same day you left your house.


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Sunday, 18 February 2018
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